Book of Changes

Last Friday, I was in a tizzy. Scatterbrained with all that I must do, and all that I couldn’t make happen. I asked the Yi Jing (aka I Ching or Book of Changes), an abstract “how will I get through this period of time?

On this Full Moon, Harvest Moon, and mid-Autumn Festival, please take a time and admire the radiant glory that is our moon. It is also a pisces full moon, which can connect you more closely with your intuition and emotions. Immediately after is the Autumnal Equinox. …

A little while back, a grandnephew of the previous owner of our house stopped by for a visit. He kindly shared this photo with me:

“The picture is Aunt Ruth in 1946 — she was 31 here. Uncle Charlie’s brother owned a well drilling business, so they came and drilled…

It’s Lion’s gate 8/8 today. A portal of sorts which compounds the new moon theme of letting go and beginning anew. I had to go through a lot of my possessions, most of which I have not seen since Feb 2020. A lot — so very un-Mari Kondo — sparked…

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